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Up to 60% flat rakeback at GGPoker

Publish: 2020-09-11 17:36:37

The GGPoker Network introduces a new alternative for the Fish Buffet Rewards Program, which offers players flat rakeback!

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The GGNetwork has announced a brand new reward system, the Black Rank, where players can gain up to 60% flat rakeback.

The system is an alternative for the Fish Buffet Program, where players had to spin a wheel when turning in their points, which determined how much rake they received. Many players didn't like this luck-based aspect, and they can now switch to a more easily predictable version.

The Black Rank has four different levels, and players have one year to meet their criteria.

The rakeback will arrive weekly, and players have to collect it themselves. However, if you don't collect it, it will not be lost. You can collect it a week later together with the rakeback for the last week.

Players can switch from Fish Buffet to Black Rank anytime.

  • All Octopus, Crab, Shrimps can switch to Black Fish
  • All Whales can switch to Black Octopus
  • All Sharks can switch to Black Whale
  • Your one-year Black status starts the moment you switch to a Black Rank
  • Points you currently possess will be carried over to your Black Rank
  • You will immediately receive random rewards for any wheels you have yet to spin
  • It's crucial to clear Diamond Shark level before switching to Black Rank to not miss out on value!

Players can also decide to switch back to Fish Buffet from Black Rank. In this case, you'll start on a higher level.

  • A Black Fish will start at Bronze Shrimp
  • A Black Octopus will start at Bronze Whale
  • A Black Whale will start at Bronze Shark
  • You will receive Black rewards for the points you have collected up to the moment.
  • Any uncollected rewards will be credited to your wallet.
  • Your new rank will start with 0 FP
  • You will NOT be able to switch back to Black Rank for a period of time equivalent to the new Bronze rank's time limit. (e.g., If you switch from Black Fish to Bronze Shrimp, you will not be able to return to Black Fish for 15 days.)
This is what a comparison between the Fish Buffet and the new Black Ranks program:

In the meantime, the network also changed the PVI system. While all players had a PVI multiplier between 0.2 and 2 in the past, the highest they can now have is only 1. This most likely affects losing players.

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