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Up to 70% extra return - renewed offer for RedStar players

Publish: 2019-10-03 13:17:33

Starting today, our new offer will allow you to gain 70% extra value at RedStar Poker.

We've just recently written about our offerings for Microgaming players, we now need to announce some changes, for the better!

Member of the Microgaming Network(MPN), RedStar Poker has been a partner of ours for a long time. We're glad to say, that we can offer an even better promotion at the site, than ever before! offer at RedStar Poker includes:

+ $2,000 Frist Deposit Bonus (equals to 20% return)
+ 30% VIP Cashback
+ Exclusive Chase with 10-20% extra return
+ One month subscription to a professional sports betting service,
Worth a total of 70% extra return

If you want to earn 70% even after the First Depost Bonus expires, contact us!

Previous to this offer, our exclusive chase only offered up to 10% extra return, for the participants, but from now on, this 10% will be guaranteed with the opportunity to gain even twice as much!

See the details of our new exclusive offer below:

Rake Winnings Extra
$20,000 $4,000 20%
$15,000 $2,700 18%
$10,000 $1,800 18%
$7,500 $1,350 18%
$5,000 $850 17%
$4,000 $680 17%
$3,000 $450 15%
$2,000 $300 15%
$1,500 $187 12,5%
$1,000 $120 12%
$500 $50 10%
$250 $25 10%
$100 $10 10%

As you can see, we now reward you with bigger prizes for the same amounts of rake, and we also added more targets, meaning a higher overall return.

If you take a player, who generates $1,000 of rake in a month, they'll now win $120 in this chase, which is a significant increase compared to the $90 prize for the same rake in the past.

A player with bigger volume, let's say $3,000 of rake a month earned $290 before, while this amount will make them a reward of $450 in the future!

A real high-roller, who's able to generate $10,000 of rake in one month earned $1,000 in this chase in September, while he/she will earn $1,800 in October!

These are just a few examples, to demonstrate the differences, but you can easily do the math for yourself, and see what you've just gained by these changes!

Best deal guarantee at!

If you believe you have the best deal at RedStar through another affiliate, make sure to reach out to us and we'll guarantee you an even better offer!

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