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Win up to $3,000 at NATURAL8 and PPI Poker with no risk!

Publish: 2018-02-22 11:54:06

NATURAL8 and PPI Poker offer daily missions for their players, where they have the opportunity to win instant cash rewards up to $3,000.

You simply need to complete a certain streak of missions, in order to get the instant cash bonus. There are four different streaks, with the longest rewarding the players with $3,000 in cash. Look the details below:

Day Rewards
Day 3 $3
Day 7 $50
Day 15 $150
Day 30 $3,000

If someone misses a mission before carrying out a complete streak they will start with a new mission from Day 1. You can even choose your favorite game, as Hold'em, Omaha, AoF and Tournament tables are all involved in the promotion.

After meeting the daily streak requirements, rewards are instantly credited to player accounts. There is no limit to the number of cash rewards, all player can win as much as they can!

If you don't have an account yet at NATURAL8 or PPI Poker we have some additional good news for you. The sites welcome you with a 200% first deposit bonus up to $1,000, which by itself equals to 12.5% return! In addition to the warm welcome, all players at the sites have the opportunity to earn up to 50% rakeback, thanks to the unique Fish Buffet Rewards Program!

If NATURAL8 is your choice of room click here, if you prefer PPI Poker, click here!

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