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Winter Warrior - €100k distributed on Bet365 through the end of the year!

Publish: 2016-12-02 16:39:49

Bet365, member of the iPoker network launched a brand new central promotion called Winter Warrior on November 28. Players need to complete challenges, which qualifies for freerolls worth a total of €100,000!

Mini Warrior

Players can complete one Mini Warrior challenge per day. In order to opt-in to the promotion, you need to select your desired goal in the Challenges section, and click Start. Make sure to select the right challenge, as you have no chance to alter it.

Once you complete the challenge by playing No Limit Hold’em or Speed Poker (or Six Plus Hold’em, unless it is excluded in the challenge description. You need to play or NL10 or higher tables.

Mini Warrior freerolls have a prize pool of €1,000 except on December 25 and January 1, where the prize pool is €2,500.

Pro Warrior

Play in three Mini Warrior freerolls or deposit on your account, and you will be entered to the weekly Pro Warrior freerolls, which will have prize pools of €5,000 except the last two, which play out a whopping €20,000!

Elite Warrior

Play any type of poker and complete Elite Warrior Challenges! You can earn up to €1,000 in rewards, which means your cashback can be increased by up to 10%! Make sure to opt-in, because only rake generated after opting in will count.

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