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WPN Poker Room’s New Feature - The Reshuffle Option

Author: Pokeradmin

Publish: 2023-11-02 09:50:06

WPN Poker Room’s New Feature - The Reshuffle Option

The Winning Poker Network (WPN) has recently completed major software updates to its poker rooms, and it seems it hasn’t slowed down yet. ACR Poker, formerly America’s Cardroom, has now introduced a new and innovative feature called the ACR Reshuffle. This innovation shows how WPN is upgrading its affiliated poker rooms, including PokerKing, which got a spiffy new lobby design earlier this year.

WPN Network

The WPN has multiple affiliated poker rooms, namely ACR Poker, PokerKing, and Black Chip Poker. These sites are constantly seeing updates and revamping to deliver a more streamlined and fair poker offering. The games are fair and use RNG software, as shown on PokerKing with its iTechLabs certification of reliability and safety.

Problems with Cheating Players

No matter the popularity of an online poker room or how safe its RNG software is, you can still find cheating players. In this instance, players cheat by collusion, which means sharing info of their folded cards to other players. When a player folds and discards their cards, the cards return to the desk stub and only come into play again the next hand, so if another player still in the hand that is colluding knows what has been mucked they have an advantage.

When collusion players use live speak or third-party messaging apps to talk privately and share information about their folded cards. It’s one of the most common forms of cheating and a major problem in various online poker rooms.

The Reshuffle Solution

WPN began a collaboration with GTO Wizard to deliver a new Reshuffle feature to combat this type of cheating tactic. This feature will take cards that players muck and immediately shuffle them back into the deck. As such, there’s the possibility of the players having the mucked cards dealt back to them later on in the hand or even on their next turn. Since the mucked cards are back in the deck for that hand there is no advantage of a cheating player knowing another player's mucked cards.

While it won’t be visible, players will only be dealt their card after the previous player has made their preflop decision. However, all players will view their hole cards at the same time, which helps eliminate the ability to collude with another player. So far, players can only use this feature at Pot-Limit Omaha 5-card tables, but it’ll likely expand to other games soon.

Possible Consequences

While this feature will effectively combat colluding players, it has some other consequences. Since cards are shuffled back into the deck, less experienced players might feel that the game is rigged and call into question its fairness.

Further, some players worry that colluding players might try to use this system to their advantage. For example, a player can muck a flush draw with the hopes that the partner they’re colluding with will receive those cards.

Enjoy the Best of the WPN Poker Rooms

The WPN has undergone significant software updates and rebranding, delivering a redesigned lobby to its PokerKing client. Besides the new and exciting feature, you can enjoy various exclusive bonuses at PokerKing, and all you have to do is link your PokerKing and accounts.

It’ll make you eligible to join in the exclusive chase, which gives you 8% to 13% rakeback while you play on PokerKing. Further, the poker rooms offer an exciting 100% bonus, and the VIP club can give up to 65% cashback.

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