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Betway Poker
Reliability Index: 7.58
Play at one of the partners of the iPoker network
  • First deposit bonus:
    100% up to €1,000
  • Rakeback:
    30% fixed loyalty

Betway Poker Information

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Betway Poker Registration

In order to be eligible for our promotions, add your poker room ID, screen name and e-mail address to our site by clicking on "Enter your Betway Poker ID" on the top of this page.

Betway Poker Bonus

You are eligible for up to €1,000 bonus at Betsson Poker.

  • To release your bonus you have to rake €50 for every €10 bonus within 60 days from the bonus activation date
  • Only one Welcome Bonus is allowed per customer
  • Your bonus is released in €10 increments
  • Follow bonus progress in My Account in the poker client.

Betway Poker Rakeback

You can get the following return at Betway Poker, through the Betway Loyalty System:

- 30% fixed loyalty return + exclusive races (Please note that if you do not register via, you are not eligible for the fixed 30% return!)
- Go to the Loyalty Points page in the poker client to cash in your Loyalty Points. The minimum rakeback amount you can receive in cash is $10, which means you need to generate a minimum of $33.33 in rake to be able to cash in your points.
- You can set your Loyalty Points to be cashed in automatically on a monthly or bi-monthly basis

Please do not forget to send us an e-mail after registration so that we can have your VIP level set to the highest, Black rank. Please include your Betway user name in your e-mail. We have your VIP level set to the highest rank for you to be able to receive the 30% rakeback. We can initiate the procedure only on working days.

Betway Poker Player Pool Strength

Player pool strength according to our players:

According to players, the player pool strength of the Microgaming network is 3.11 on a scale of 1 to 5. The average network strength is 2.96.

49% of players have players have claimed that they do not know the player pool strength of Microgaming.


iPoker network

Operating since 2004, iPoker has for long been the number one operator among poker networks, thanks in large part to its user-friendly and ergonomic software.

The client was developed by Playtech and it features extras like 3D graphics, animated avatars and optional games available to the fans of casino entertainment and recreational players, like blackjack or video poker.

As far as professional and regular players are concerned, the following pros and cons can be listed, regarding the iPoker software:


- Ergonomic, easy to use
- Excels at managing multi-tabling
- With a single click, the client can be set not to post the next big blind

- Lobby information is updated slowly
- On rare occasions, the client might crash on weaker configurations
- Small card symbols
- Some players may find the notification sounds irritating

Read our latest analysis since the split of the iPoker network here

Betway Poker - Reliability Index

  • Withdrawal Issues: 10 points
  • Market Experience: 7 points
  • Network Reliability: 7 points
  • Regulated Market Presence: 7 points
  • Income Diversification: 8 points
  • Opinion: 7 points
  • Licence and Stock Exchange Listing: 4 points
  • Number of Network Shifts: 10 points

Betway Poker races

Race period Type Prizepool / First prize Raceback  
16 - 31 March 2015 exclusive race €1,250 34.49 % Details
1 - 15 March 2015 exclusive race €1,250 31.9 % Details
15 - 28 February 2015 exclusive race €1,250 28.85 % Details
1 - 14 February 2015 exclusive race €1,250 32.29 % Details
16 - 31 January 2015 exclusive race €1,250 20.74 % Details
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