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Full Tilt
Reliability Index: 8.53
Perfect software, perfect game experience
  • First deposit bonus:
    100% up $600 in up to three instalments

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Full Tilt Registration

In order to be eligible for our promotions, add your poker room ID, screen name and e-mail address to our site by clicking on "Enter your Full Tilt ID" on the top of this page.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus

- New depositors are entitled to the first deposit bonus for 3 deposits (Up to $600). This means that you can deposit up to three times in 60 days and all three will grant you your 100% bonus.
- The bonus will be automatically credited to your account in $20 sums (or in instalments of 10% of your deposit amount, whichever is less). This means that in case of a $100 deposit, your bonus is credited in $10 sums, in case of a $600 deposit, in $20 sums.
- Every 25 Full Tilt Poker Points release $1 bonus
- You have 4 months to clear this bonus, counting from your deposits

On top of the first deposit bonus, players can also try their luck in the $50,000 First Deposit Freerolls 10 times in total, and they are given a $2.25 tournament ticket, which can be used for any SNG or tournament.

Full Tilt Poker VIP Program

Edge Loyalty Program:

Full Tilt's Edge Loyalty Program provides you with weekly cashback directly to your FTP account. The system has 6 levels. Players need to meet FTP points requirements, which need to be achieved in 30-day or 100-day rolling averages. Depending on the level, players are untitled between 10-25% cashback.

On top of that, players can spend their Full Tilt Points in the Full Tilt Shop, which provides approximately 5% extra cashback.

The top level of the program is called Black Card, which can be achieved by a 100-day rolling average of 500 FTP points ($5000 rake over a 100-day period.) Black Card players receive double FTP points, therefore their Full Tilt Shop cashback is approximately 10%. Black Card players can also take part in leaderboard promotions, where they can win FTP sponsorships.

Level 30-day avg.
100-day avg.
Edge cashback
Shop cashback
Full cashback
Bronze 1 - - ~5% 5%
Silver 35 25 10% ~5% 15%
Gold 75 50 15% ~5% 20%
Platinum 150 100 20% ~5% 25%
Diamond 350 250 25% ~5% 30%
Black Card - 500 25% ~10% 35%

Full Tilt Poker Rakeback

Full Tilt Poker does not offer rakeback directly but using the Edge Loyalty Program, you can achieve extra returns.


Independent network

Full Tilt - Reliability Index

  • Withdrawal Issues: 10 points
  • Market Experience: 10 points
  • Network Reliability: 10 points
  • Regulated Market Presence: 0 points
  • Income Diversification: 8 points
  • Opinion: 10 points
  • Licence and Stock Exchange Listing: 8 points
  • Number of Network Shifts: 10 points
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