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Win 4 tickets to the Hungary-Austria Euro2016 game!

In this Team Challenge on Everest Poker, you can win four tickets to the Euro2016 group stage match between Hungary and Austria.


# Team Points Prize
  Roland1988HUN Stanley3245 -    
  mestibubu MestiNit99 -    
Szervezet - -
  11john11 acoustikhero -    
1 Bigiboyok 350 4 tickets to the Hungary-Austria Euro2016 game
  Greyboy dozsakert 100    
  kisegirke kisneger18 90    
  Shaikon Tibirs70 70    
  Monkeyboy Deadpool01 90    
2 VOGONOK 310 -
  Postas Dollar88 60    
  Mobile80 Saliris 80    
  Pedro83 BDSRSTNT6bAI 90    
  EUBANK TheBigBlanco 80    
3 Redskins 310 -
  Josi07 mjosi 90    
  Csatti VitezCsatti 70    
  nemeth0212 nemeth0212 100    
  SAMCRO SAMCRO89 50    
4 ZeroIQ 260 -
  Gerike11 mivanfaa 50    
  Bubber93 Stoppoli 60    
  Lint tetunevadas 50    
  0rd45 LarkasFaci 100    
5 Wewinthisrace 220 -
  pizdoprotivnaya princesofeverest 60    
  Pinokio swarowskii 60    
  shlang warriorbaby 100    
6 Soproni Ászok 150 -
  Schölli scholl94 80    
  meszimark meszimark14 70    
  torokgergo torokgergo -    
  Kica12 Kica12 -    

Team qualification requirements

  • Maximum number of team members
  • Condition
    3 accounts need to be registered through out of the 4 accounts

Details of team challenge

  • First event
    May 22, 2016
  • Last event
    May 22, 2016
  • Poker room
  • Added prize pool
    4 tickets to the Hungary-Austria Euro2016 game (€400)


  • 05/22 20:00
    6 players
  • 05/22 20:00
    6 players
  • 05/22 20:00
    6 players
  • 05/22 20:00
    6 players

We are hosting a team challenge in Everest Poker, where teams of four can compete for Euro2016 tickets. The tournaments will be held on May 22nd, 8 PM CET. The buy-in is only €1 per team member.

In the team challenge, as it is now customary, it isn't the individual tournament winners that qualify for the prizes, but the team that has collected the most points.

For a team to qualify for prizes, they need at least three team members that have registered to Everest Poker through

Tournament challenge rules:

We can only credit points to players who were accepted by the team captain before the start of the tournament (May 22, 2016, 20:00 CET). After the start of the tournament, we do not accept any member changes in the teams.

We can not guarantee to check whether the sent in aliases were registered through before the tournament is over, because it is possible that we will only receive such information from Everest Poker after the tournaments. Because of this, it's possible that some teams that are eligible for the prizes will be listed as "not qualified" on the team competition site for a while.

Each member of the team can only play in one tournament, no member of a team can play two of the tournaments at once. In case two members of a team play the same tournament by accident, and one of the members forgets to play the other tournament, the better score will be taken into account.

In case a member of a team registers to two tournaments, the whole team will be disqualified.

The winning team will be the one with the most points gathered.

In case of a tie, the winning team will be decided based upon their best finishes. If two teams finish with the same amount of points and Team "A" has a first place (100 points), a fourth place (70 points) and a tenth place (30) finish, while Team "B" has a first place (100 points), a second place (90 points) and a 27th place (10 points) finish, Team "B" will be the winner.

In case all three finishing places of two teams are the same, then the prizes will be decided based upon the time of the creation of the team (when the team captain has created the team). Whichever team was created first will receive the prizes.

Details of the team competition:

Date: May 22, 2016
Start: 20:00 CET
Buy-in: €1 (for each member of the team)
Requirements: every team needs to have at least three players who have registered to Everest Poker through to be eligible for the prizes
Password: KIRALY

It is important to check whether you have provided your Everest Poker alias (the name that appears when you sit down at the tables) correctly in your profile, because the system automatically assigns the points to the names. In case there is a difference, please contact us. We can only credit points to team members who have correctly sent in or have corrected their Everest Poker alias in their profile until May 22, 2016, 20:00 CET (the start of the tournament). After the start of the tournament no corrections can be made.

Points distribution:

Place Points Place Points
1st 100 17th 20
2nd 90 18th 19
3rd 80 19th 18
4th 70 20th 17
5th 60 21st 16
6th 50 22nd 15
7th 45 23rd 14
8th 40 24th 13
9th 35 25th 12
10th 30 26th 11
11th 28 27th 10
12th 26 28th 9
13th 24 29th 8
14th 23 30th 7
15th 22 31-50th 4
16th 21 over 50th

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