total race prizepool in January

Win 3 seats with your friends to the PokerAkademia Open 3 tournament!

We are organizing a team challenge on October 23 at Intertops Poker. The winning team will win PokerAkademia Open 3 seats.


# Team Points Prize
Card Leaders - -
  imagino flixpoker -    
  tono1 tono1503 -    
  Niki0824 -    
Hold\'em Pressure - -
  huhunter netadex -    
  zo12345li zoli_1988 -    
  lap lepkeke -    
1 Amadeus 205 3 PokerAkademia Open seats
  klebypapy klebypapy 45    
  littlemacc littlemacc 60    
  Frenky@home cunamix 100    
2 PapákMenniBécs 154 -
  Mandras undrash 50    
  Redmond100 hociaszeket 80    
  DodgyFish DodgyFish722 24    
3 +EV 148 -
  Roland1988HUN Stanley675 60    
  BarneyNuts BarneyNuts 70    
  mestibubu mestinuts 18    
4 Kommunista Néphatalom 148 -
  chaosmate Victorla 100    
  OwnControl DiliLili 26    
  plusevHUN puffff 22    
5 WeRCominWien2 147 -
  fishbubleboy fishbubble 23    
  malenkajaakulka rubka5 100    
  Postas Sondo 24    
6 Mozart 143 -
  svajcifiu G4M30V3R 40    
  darabka OneMoreTop 23    
  buktar pieroadchair 80    
7 FckBnLdn 135 -
  travel84 Wilbur_Walsh 19    
  ProAdel89 pizza4666 26    
  Kray SupaHotFreak 90    
8 Vogonok 131 -
  Altos Taltoskez 60    
  EUBANK EUBANK10 50    
  Meanmachine Mataman86 21    
9 HHO 118 -
  Ocsoka Ocsoka 28    
  Zolek27 Zolek27 90    
  harshegyik Carletto333 -    
10 Piffpuff 115 -
  chaab chaab 30    
  Roulette Roulette69 40    
  Kara Szergej123 45    
11 Izomgyúrik 114 -
  adamka88 mylfisonline2 -    
  pepestaar pepestaar 90    
  kZstaR Aldeberan90 24    
12 Fight Club 95 -
  Krejdül Görcs papa 80    
  egyszercsak brokku 15    
13 PunCigi 88 -
  Alehandro chairszegi 18    
  Ollie CashFlow21 70    
14 Push or fold 62 -
  adamboro meccslabda 40    
  Porcogo Porcogo -    
  Andriska111 BallerB90 22    
15 Apaj 59 -
  apecka apecka 20    
  spindel15 spindel15 19    
  puffika puffika82 20    
16 No Shave November 58 -
  DJATA DJATA 21    
  Bese8 Bese8 20    
  fejes1988 NeszeNeked 17    
17 Junior 32 -
  Gina GinaCica88 16    
  Alipapa444 alipapa -    
  TropiFish TorukMakto 16    
18 Veszprém 30 -
  sulutike sulutike -    
  hundido Krstf02 30    
  4gooo 4goooo -    
19 LastMinute 28 -
  11john11 acoustikhero 28    
  RegGeri Laller PA -    
  AlexMan AlexWin20 -    
20 Aces on the River 26 -
  Imobe Imobe9 -    
  Moxika75 Moxika75 26    
  Monkeyboy Redpiton -    
21 Csapatanyerte 23 -
  Marcow MarkBang -    
  alexandra411 NightFuryLex -    
  VTomi24 VTomi24 23    

Team qualification requirements

  • Maximum number of team members
  • Condition
    2 accounts need to be registered through out of the 3 accounts

Details of team challenge

  • First event
    October 23, 2016
  • Last event
    October 23, 2016
  • Poker room
  • Added prize pool
    3 PA Open seats (€990)


Intertops PA Open Team Challenge #3

Every team needs to have at least two players who have registered to Intertops Poker through to be eligible for the prizes, in case you don't have an Intertops Poker account yet, you can create one here.


Everyone will have the opportunity to create a team, or to join an already existing team on the team competition site. The creator of the team can decide which applicants can join. In case a player joins a team, but is unable to play, swapping said player is easily done also.

Tournament challenge rules:

We can only credit points to players who were accepted by the team captain before the start of the tournament (October 23, 2016, 20:00 CET). After the start of the tournament, we do not accept any member changes in the teams.

We can not guarantee to check whether the sent in aliases were registered through before the tournament is over, because it is possible that we will only receive such information from Intertops Poker after the tournaments. Because of this, it's possible that some teams that are eligible for the prizes will be listed as "not qualified" on the team competition site for a while.

Each member of the team can only play in one tournament, no member of a team can play two of the tournaments at once. In case two members of a team play the same tournament by accident, and one of the members forgets to play the other tournament, the better score will be taken into account.

In case a member of a team registers to two tournaments, the whole team will be disqualified.

The winning team will be the one with the most points gathered.

In case of a tie, the winning team will be decided based upon their best finishes. If two teams finish with the same amount of points and Team "A" has a first place (100 points), a fourth place (70 points) and a tenth place (30) finish, while Team "B" has a first place (100 points), a second place (90 points) and a 27th place (10 points) finish, Team "B" will be the winner.

In case all three finishing places of two teams are the same, then the prizes will be decided based upon the time of the creation of the team (when the team captain has created the team). Whichever team was created first will receive the prizes.

Details of the team competition:

Date: October 23, 2016
Start: 20:00 CET
Buy-in: $1 (for each member of the team)
Requirements: every team needs to have at least two players who have registered to Intertops Poker through to be eligible for the prizes
Password: montesino

It is important to check whether you have provided your Intertops Poker alias (the name that appears when you sit down at the tables) correctly in your profile, because the system automatically assigns the points to the names. In case there is a difference, please contact us.

We can only credit points to team members who have correctly sent in or have corrected their Intertops Poker alias in their profile until October 23, 2016, 20:00 (the start of the tournament). After the start of the tournament no corrections can be made.


The winning team will receive 3x seats to the PokerAkademia Open 3 tournament


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