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Change Your GGPoker Screen Name until 7. January!

Author: Pokeradmin

Publish: 2023-01-05 14:14:03

Change Your GGPoker Screen Name until 7. January!

GGPoker lets you enter the new year as a new person, allowing players to change their current screen names. Below, we explore this feature and the exciting new opportunities it presents.

Changing Your Name

Out with the old names and in with the new titles. Starting on 1 January 2023, players have until 7 January 2023 to change their online handle. The only exception is members using a “verified nickname,” which can't be changed.

All new usernames should not be offensive to other members and are subject to the common-sense policy. Any handle previously used is unavailable for six months, and this facility presents players with unique benefits.

How to Change Your Handle

After you log in to your account, you must access your player account profile and select the “My Page” option. In the settings, click on “My Game Profile,” and you’ll find your current username. You can change it by replacing it with your new screen name. However, note that you can only change it once.


Multiple benefits are available by changing your screen name. It won’t impact notes, player labels, or other existing data. However, what it will do is improve the fairness of the game and level the playing field. There’s a history of strong players preying on the weak, or “bumhunters” ensuring soft members are at a table when a strong player is also present. Changing screen names will lessen the chances of tracking soft players and restrict predatory users.

GGPoker stated that they have three reasons for allowing screen names to be changed, the first of which is to prevent their game data from being tracked by unauthorized third parties. Some professional and predatory players can benefit from knowing screen names and players’ ability levels, so this ensures everyone starts on the same level.

The second is that the game’s fairness improves, and casual members have equal footing when joining a table. As no historical game data is available, predatory users can’t use it to rig a game.

Lastly, this feature presents a unique opportunity for players to change an outdated screen name. You might have chosen it impulsively, or the name no longer fits you, so changing it can make you happier with your GGPoker account.

Is it a Common Feature?

Various poker sites have implemented this feature over the years. Partypoker allowed players to change their usernames every six months and required a username change in 2019 and 2021 to make the game fairer. Winamax also allowed players to change their screen name after six months, and Unibet allows for multiple identities.

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