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How to Earn Super High Rakeback on Coral

Publish: 2017-09-12 15:05:56

Our iPoker races tend to give you outstandingly high average rakeback on this site. Coral is no exception, and with the race and their high value central promos, you can accumulate a nice sum in cashback bonus every month that is sure to give your bankroll a boost.

We have two $2,500 Exclusive Rake Races running on Coral in September - our players are very familiar with these large prize pool races by now, Coral has been hosting two a month for our users for over a year by now.

These tend to have very high average rakeback, and it's no different this month either: any player entering the race can expect to get almost half, 46% back of what they raked in prize money on average. In the last finished Coral race our players got around 30-40% cash back for their performance.

If you haven't deposited on Coral yet, you are entitled to their First Deposit Bonus. This is a 100% bonus on the first sum you put on your Coral account, released in £5 increments after every 300 Status Points you earn. You get 17.8 Status Point for every £1 raked, which means that the FDB equals to a 29.67% rakeback bonus. On top of that, you'll receive 5X£5 tournament tokens and 30 tickets for nightly New Player Freerollers.

Also, you can earn rakeback money through their VIP Program. The lowest tier gets you 16%, while the highest tier gets you 30.48%. If you earn 1 Status Point, that is only £0.08 in rake, you're already eligible for the cash back bonus.

With the Exclusive Rake Race, the First Deposit Bonus and the VIP Program put together you can expect to earn around 90-100% in rakeback total, and what's more, it is possible to even get more back than what you've raked - there's a great incentive to join Coral!

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