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iPoker Network Liquidity Split Confirmed

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Publish: 2012-06-22 13:02:34

iPoker has announced major changes in its structure, resulting in a split in liquidity, that is, the creation of two distinct tiers for the different rooms. Effective 1 July, iPoker evaluates room performance on a monthly basis against a set of criteria; the skins that do not comply will be associated with the bottom tier.

iPoker split

Playtech owned iPoker expects rooms to have a monthly average of at least 6,000 active real money players (where “active player” is defined as one who generates at least $1 in rake) and 850 new real money players per month. Player account balances and regular-fish ratio are also considered.

Rooms that do not meet the requirements can only join the bottom tier, come 1 September. The main difference between the tiers is that top tier players get private tables, unavailable to the bottom tier pool, while top tier grinders are granted access to all tables.

Playtech apparently aims at creating a network primarily for recreational players, whose bankrolls last a lot longer due to the weaker player pool, therefore having a much more pleasant poker experience. In addition, they strive to “balance” the rooms, that is, to keep minor rooms from profitting from the player pools of the major ones.

Several skins in the iPoker network have a strong sports betting profile, like Betfred and Mybet, which means these are likely to be able to entice players to join the poker tables, too, to comply with the criteria.

It is expected that the iPoker split will bring about the bankruptcy of the smaller rooms and the prosperity of the top tier.

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