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Our Betclic Race Gives You the Highest Average Rakeback This Month

Publish: 2017-07-25 14:45:00

For months and months Everest topped our list ranking our races with the highest average rakeback. But this month, there was a takeover on the top - another iPoker room, Betclic is July's number one.

We told you many times about the high expected value playing in our Everest race has and many prolific rakers of ours listened - they are now over there grinding for the outstandingly high cashback rewards.

As a consequence, however, Everest is no longer #1 on our highest average rakeback list. That honor belongs to Betclic now.

An exclusive $4,000 race is running on the site, the first prize pays $1,000. The average rakeback has been over 50% during the entire month of July, it's at 53% according to our latest data. But please note that the rakeback you earn is even higher percentage-wise for players in the top positions. For example, if our top player continues to rake at the rate they're currently raking, their reward would equal to about 70% rakeback.

Also, please remember that you can earn extra cashback on Betclic through their VIP program (up to 30%!) and their First Deposit Bonus too.

Betclic Exclusive $4,000 Rake Race
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