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SPINS Players Receive up to 60% Cashback at partypoker

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Publish: 2023-02-27 13:31:24

SPINS Players Receive up to 60% Cashback at partypoker

Partypoker provides an excellent offer for SPINS Diamond Club, giving them up to 60% cashback. The SPINS and ULTRA SPINS tournaments have become extremely popular among poker players. It’s perfect for players with limited time to play and can be quite lucrative, provided you reach the top VIP tier. Below, we discuss the details of this partypoker offer.

partypoker SPINS

SPINS refer to fast tournaments lasting a matter of minutes. Thanks to the jackpot nature of this tournament, you can play with a $5 buy-in but win up to $1mil! As such, it’s no wonder these tournaments became immensely popular. This offer is exclusively available to Diamond Club players who play SPINS and ULTRA SPINS.

Diamond Club

You must be a Diamond-level member to take advantage of this offer. You have 12 months to reach the milestones, and PartyPoker will reward you with exceptional cashback, 24/7 support, and more.

However, to become a club member, you must earn at least $1,000 in rake within one calendar week when playing these tournaments. Once you’ve met the requirement, email your request to join the Diamond Club to

Cashback Rewards

Once you’re a member and opt-in for this promotion, you’ll start by receiving a weekly cashback of 30%. Your first milestone to complete is $50,000, which will result in a 40% return and $5,000 in cash. The second milestone is at $100,000, which gives you a 50% cashback and $10,000.

If you reach the $200,000 milestone, you become an ELITE player and receive $20,000, and 60% cashback. However, these milestones aren’t the only thing in store for you.

Variable Points

While you need to reach high milestones to achieve 60% cashback, that doesn’t mean there are no rewards for players who don’t reach it. Participating already gives you 30%, but what if you can’t gather the $1,000 rake to join the club?

No worries: simply playing SPINS and ULTRA SPINS awards you 2.5 cashback points for each $1 fee you pay. If you earn 10 points in a calendar week, then you’ll receive the equivalent the following Monday.

Depending on how you play, you’ll earn a different number of cashback points. Playing forward gives you four points for every $1 contributed while playing regular cash games gives you three points for every $1.

Sit & Go, like this tournament, gives you 2.5 points, while high-stakes cash games and Multi-Table Tournaments give you two points.

Join the partypoker via RakeRace

Head to partypoker’s “Tourneys” tab to start participating in this market leader’s revamped tournament. However, if you want a bit of help, check out RakeRace’s $12,000 race, and chase which provides even more extra rakeback..

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