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$20,000 Race and 15% Rakeback at partypoker!

Publish: 2020-10-01 17:54:26

If you're looking for the highest-EV deal at the site, we have some good news for You! offer at partypoker includes:

$20,000 Rake Race;
Up to 15% Rake Chase;
Up to 60% Weekly Cashback;
$1,800,000+ in Leaderboard prizes;

needs no introduction. They are one of the biggest and most recognized online poker operators out there. It doesn't matter what games you're looking for; you'll undoubtedly find action 24/7 at their tables!

We've been offering the sickest deal at the site for years now, and we don't plan on changing this in the future either!

We already have a massive $15,000 rake race in September at partypoker, alongside a rake chase which offered 15% extra rakeback in addition!

However, we now made a huge, 33% increase and offer a $20,000 prize pool for You - while the chase is still available and is untouched!

We reward the best 80 players with $3,000 for the winner! This race will offer the most insane value % for you due to the relatively low number of participants and paid places!

Rank Prize
1. $3000
2. $2600
3. $2200
4. $1800
5. $1500
6. $1200
7. $900
8. $750
9. $600
10. $500
11. $400
12-13 $300
14-15. $275
16. $250
17. $225
18. $200
19. $180
20-21. $160
22. $150
23. $140
24-25. $130
26. $120
27. $110
28. $100
29. $90
30. $80
31-32. $70
33-34. $60
35-36. $50
37-40. $40
41-50. $30
51-60. $20
61-70. $15
71-80. $10

While the $20,000 will make you massive extra value alone, we also offer the usually rake chase on the side!
10-15% Rake Chase

This offers players between 10-15% extra rakeback, and it doesn't even matter how other participants perform. All you need to focus on is your own game!

Together, these promotions will save you the most insane deal at partypoker, but this is not all you'll get!

$1.8MM+ in promotion prizes in October!

SPINS & SPINS Ultra Leaderboards

Partypoker is also pushing the pedal to the metal in October! They renewed several of their Daily Leaderboards, increased prize pools, and even added new ones!

SPINS players can now compete for $16,000 of prizes each day! This is only available for regular SPINS players!

However, SPINS Ultra players can now enjoy their own $16,000 Leaderboard each day!

Partypoker also introduced the fastest format on all buy-in levels, meaning that you can now enter $500 SPINS Ultra games as well!

Total prize pools in October: $896,000

SNG Leaderboards

There is also $16,800 up for grabs each day for regular SNG players - while the prize pool grows to $25,000 during weekends!

Total prize pools in October: $468,800

Cash Game Leaderboards

The cash game grinders can also expect huge paydays, both at NLH and PLO tables, as both formats have their own $18,000 Daily Leaderboards this month as well!

Total prize pools in October: $896,000

All of you should do the math, but it's safe to say the highest available rakeback can now be found at partypoker for all players!

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