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Exciting software update at partypoker

Publish: 2019-12-20 15:34:08

The site has introduced the Run-it-Twice Feature and the King of the Hill policy among other things. offer at partypoker includes:

Exclusive Chase 10-15% extra rakeback;
$8,000 Exclusive Race
Up to 50% weekly cashback;
$30 SPINS tickets for new players;
Total: up to 60% rakeback + $8,000 Leaderboard with extra prizes

The prize pool of the rake race will most likely get increased to at least $10,000 from January!

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Partypoker has rolled out its newest software update, which includes several important features and changes.

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Run it Twice

Similarly to several other poker rooms, partypoker has now also introduced the Run-it-Twice feature, although for fastforward games only.

Based on their announcement, this feature has no costs - unlike on PokerStars, where they charge players with extra rake if they use the RIT option.

Both players need to click on the RIT button before the hand reaches showdown.

King of the Hill policy

The King of the Hill format is well-known by heads-up cash game regulars, as it's been applied at many different poker sites for years now.

With this policy, the poker rooms try to prevent players from bumhunting by forcing regulars to play against each other.

KOTH rules at partypoker:

  • A player can only wait at one table per stake at a time.
  • Players are allowed to multi-table against the same opponents (on up to 18 tables).
  • If a player plays at one table on a certain stake, they're allowed to open another table as well.

This basically means the end of usual activity by bumhunters, where they sit at as many tables as the can to wait for weaker players to show up, while they deny playing against other regulars.

If you play against a player and both of you want to open a new table, you can do so by clicking the button 'Play another table'. In this case, a new table pops up where you and your opponent from the other table will be seated exclusively.

If a player is playing a game he can still wait at another table of the same configuration but the maximum tables he can wait at with the same configuration at any one point is one table.

Fastforward lobby

The fastforward cash games returned with a new lobby, which is called 'Quick seat Fastforward lobby'. The new lobby is similar to the Short Deck lobby.

ITM Indicator Update

Good news for the tournament and SNG players, that the new In the Money Indicator will help them not to make any mistakes before they reach the money - it won't help you make the decisions of course, but it'll clearly show:

• Your position and the number of players remaining in a tournament/SnG.
• The number of players that will cash the tournament/SnG.
• The amount of money you have currently cashed for in the tournament/SnG.
• Position and value of the next pay jump.
• Bounties you have collected in the tournament/SnG if in a bounty hunter.

Bigger bounty display

This upgrade will help you see the amount of bounties on each players' head easier, thanks to the bigger, brighter and clearer display.

In addition to these features and upgrades, partypoker has also made several fixes. After this, you no longer have to worry about bugs regarding the chat boxes, table lags, SNG lags, tournament 'I am back', or tournament table merging.

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