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From NL50 to NL500 - follow TheOmahaFox on Rakerace Twitch

Publish: 2022-11-11 18:19:34

Originally from Russia, Alicia is now trying to make it on the online streets while living in Bali.

We are happy to announce that you can now follow Alicia's journey of making her way to NL500 from NL50 with the help of her coach, Zenderman! The two will do live streams on's official Twitch channel, analyzing Alicia's hands and sharing valuable insights with You!

Alicia already has an exciting story, as she wrote:

"Hello, my name is Alisa. I am 33, born in Russia, and have been living all over the globe for a decade.

Right now, I am based in Bali as a fitness instructor.

I accidentally started playing online poker during my college years but my bankroll got frozen on Full Tilt Poker, and that is the only reason I graduated.
By the time I got it back, I was working remotely from South East Asia, and I just made a cashout.

I always knew one day I'd go all in on poker. When I was 25 my life was a mess between 3 continents and I realistically knew I was in no position to do it yet. A few years ago, I settled in Bali, got my life together, and realized it was time to fulfill my poker dream.

I started playing in private games and making monthly trips to Manila to play 1/2, 2/5, and tournaments. I never attempted to play online again until corona. When the pandemic started, I saw some people streaming and instantly knew it was something I would enjoy and be good at. Just like that, I started streaming 6 months ago and actually studying how to play 6 max zoom correctly

I recently moved to stars and moved up to 50 zoom during the bankroll challenge. My goal is obviously being able to beat 500zoom and eventually dedicate myself to poker full-time."

Zenderman is a steady winner at mid-stakes and a successful coach, helping many 6-max grinders move up in stakes. So make sure you subscribe to the channel and regularly check back to for updates!

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