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Publish: 2020-10-30 17:59:09

Pokio is the biggest and most trusted mobile poker app, offering massive exclusive promotions for You!

In 2020 everyone is addicted to their phone. All of the most prominent websites and services are optimized for mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets.

This is true in the poker industry as well. All of the biggest poker rooms have mobile clients as well.

However, they're still much more comfortable to play on from PCs or notebooks, which is most convenient for the pros since they can use their tools and play at a bunch of tables simultaneously.

Money is where the fish are

But this is not the case with recreational players! They usually don't like mass multi-tabling and don't use any tools while playing. They simply want to have fun, enjoy the thrill of gambling and maybe book some nice wins during the process.

They like playing while commuting to work while waiting for their date or taking a break in the office!

This is exactly why Pokio has rapidly become one of the most popular poker operators amongst recreationals!

Their app looks chic, easy to set up and handle the tables, no matter where you are, you're only a few taps away from playing poker for real money!

Wide variety of promotions

Pokio offers multiple promotions for players each month, including the followings:

Central promotions:

*Progressive jackpots "Big Hand" and "Cooler"
*For more details, please visit the application

Daily promotions:
  • Guaranteed prize pool tournament
  • Daily €100 Freerolls
  • Weekly promotions:
  • Weekly €250 welcome freeroll only open for new players.
  • Weekly Battle passes - €1.000 20X €50 tickets every week (10 x €50 tickets through freerolls + 10 x €50 through €2 Rebuy)
  • Weekly Raked hands race - €600 (We reward the most loyal players each week – 5 winners)
  • Weekly tournament rankings- €620 (We reward the best tournament players each week – 20 winners)
  • Weekly lottery raffle - €200 (Qualification: play a ranking tourney or 100 hands -4 winners)

However, if you join our club, you'll also be entitled to our private VIP offer, with some massive extra benefits!

Join the Biggest Circle

By joining our club, you'll be a member of the Unibet Poker Clubs, which is the biggest and most popular cirle at Pokio - they also offer plenty of extra promotions!

You can get your share of the €10,000 each month with these promotions while playing at a fish-heavy player pool and also enjoying our extra offers!

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