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partypoker to ban all poker software

Publish: 2019-04-11 15:02:08

The site states they aim at making the games cleaner in 2019 and will ban HUDs and other software in the upcoming future.

partypoker is known for making serious changes seemingly rapidly. They come up with new ideas, projects, and approaches on a regular basis, whether it's introducing new games, rebranding existing games, creating new events or making changes in their software.

When partypoker announced to ban hundreds of bots in the past few months, there was a rumor in the industry about the site moving towards banning all tracking programs. While this wasn't official then, now the site confirms their strategy of cleaning the games, and the changes will affect many players.

As usual, when it comes to risky announcements, the site's partner, Rob Yong hinted the news, while doing an interview recently. “There are lots of changes that are happening,” said Yong. “There will be no HUDs on the site very soon.” This was later confirmed by partypoker representative, Colette Stewart on the sites Discord channel.

In another interview, with partypoker Team Online member, Jeff Gross, Yong once again talked about the decision to make the site "completely HUD-free" after the ongoing Powerfest finishes.

After that happens, players will be forced to change their aliases. Hand histories will no longer be available for players and a new hand replayer is also expected in the client.

While according to Yong, the site could lose “$10 million in revenue from these players” in 2019 with this move, it's inevitable to achieve their long-term goal of becoming the fairest and most honest online poker room.

Only the future can tell whether this move will be successful, but considering the rate of winning regulars, who only play with HUDs, the games at partypoker have just gotten much softer! If you want to compete at a fair and always buzzing environment, you can join right here!

Our players are not only entitled to the weekly cash back (up to 60%) offered by the site but can also participate in our €3,000 rake race, with about 10% extra return on average!

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