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Partypoker Withdraws Cash Game Leaderboards

Publish: 2021-03-08 18:48:58

'Hot Tables' will replace the daily cash game promotions.

Our offer at partypoker includes:

  • $15,000 Rake Race;
  • Up to 15% Rake Chase;
  • Up to 60% Weekly Cashback;
  • All Central Promotions;

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Partypoker has been the most popular site amongst cash game regulars because of the constant action and the incredible overall rakeback they could gain through the different promotions. They could take advantage of the daily cash game leaderboards, the weekly cashback program, and our exclusive rake races and rake chases as well!

While the rest of the aforementioned perks will still be available, partypoker now decided to change the daily leaderboards to a cash-drop-like promotion, called 'Hot Tables'. The operator will boost thousands of regular and fastforward cash game hands each day between NL10 and NL100.

If your table receives a boost, an additional cash prize of up to $500 will be added to the pot. The winner of the hand gets the whole prize, so one quick win could bag you up to $500 cash PLUS the pot itself! The Hot tables will be available in both NLH and PLO formats!

It's uncertain what value these cash boost exactly have, but it's easy to realize that the promotion will attract recreational players to the tables while probably keeping away some regulars (several cash game grinder of ours have already moved to other sites), so the overall player pools will most likely become significantly softer!

Softer games, fat rakeback

Even though the overall return will drop for those regulars who used to finish in the leaderboards' top spots, there's still big money to be made through partypoker's and our offerings.

The weekly cashback can get you up to 60% rakeback, while our exclusive rake chase offers 10-15% value, and our exclusive rake race has $15,000 in cash prizes each month!

Based on current numbers, you can count on some hefty cash prizes from us in March according to the following*.

  • ~$9,000 of rake in March can get you $2,750 extra prizes;
  • ~$6,200 of rake in March can get you $2,100 extra prizes;
  • ~$4,300 or rake in March can get you $1,350 extra prizes;

*estimated numbers, based on data as of March 7th.

Make sure you take a closer look at both of our promos, so you can figure out what exactly to count on!

If you're uncertain about the realistic overall rakeback you can get or want to find out how to gain the biggest value, feel free to reach out to our industry experts!

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