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Phil Galfond getting smashed by PLO crusher

Publish: 2020-02-04 16:33:18

The legendary high-stakes player turned businessman is deeply in the hole after the first eight sessions of his challenge.

As discussed several times before, the owner of Run It Once Poker, Phil Galfond issued a high-stakes challenge to the poker world with a clear intention to promote his poker room.

Galfond announced he would take on almost any challengers and would even lay a bet on the side. The first player to take on the opportunity was online PLO crusher, 'Venividi1993'.

Even though many thought Galfond is an underdog against a top-notch PLO specialist, Phil was pretty confident going into the first match. However, things haven't been turning out for him so far, he's down over €550,000 after only 6,500 hands. The challenge lasts for 25,000 hands.

Many people were worried about Galfond after being down about €400K, but he assured all of his fans he'll be fine and showed once again how classy and calm he is.

Of course, a challenge of this caliber raises the interest of most poker players and fans alike. Fellow high-stakes player and coach, Fernando "JNandez" Habegger created a video, where he analysis the sessions the two have played. (Fernando also accepted the challenge earlier, but later backed out)

You can even re-watch Galfond's session on the Twitch channel of Run It Once.

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