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MPN will close down next May

Publish: 2019-11-28 18:04:35

The network announced the exact date of the closure, while RedStar Poker already found a new home. offer at RedStar Poker includes:

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As we reported earlier, the Microgaming Network announced, they'll shut down their poker offerings during next year. The exact date of the closure hasn't been disclosed up until recently, but now the network announced they will stop offering poker games on May 19, 2020.

The network tweeted on its official Twitter page, where they cited MD of Poker at Microgaming, Alex Scott: “Let’s do everything we can to make the next six months something special, which we can look back on with pride”

Back at the time of the initial announcement, the poker community started speculating about the potential future of the MPN member sites, like Betsson Poker, Guts Poker or RedStar Poker.

RedStar Poker has announced since then, that they'll join ties with the iPoker network after they leave MPN. The owner of iPoker, Playtech has also confirmed the partnership.

"Playtech, the world’s leading gambling technology company, has today announced that operator Red Star Poker is joining its iPoker network..."

"Having been a well-established Poker operator across Eastern European markets, Red Star’s agreement with Playtech reaffirms that, Playtech’s commitment to the Poker vertical continues to strengthen. With several other collaborations already in the pipeline, Playtech is driven to increase investments into their iPoker product, ensuring that their network grows ever stronger," the statement reads.

"With several other collaborations already in the pipeline"
- many believe this was a hint of other MPN sites joining the network.

According to RedStar, they will move to iPoker during the second half of May 2020. The site assured that all existing payment methods will still be offered, and player re-verification will not be necessary.

“From the very beginning, the iPoker network was a priority, since the guys who worked there made a very good impression on us, and the network development plan for the near future completely coincided with our expectations,”
RedStar stated (translated from Russian). “Plus, we have a common goal—to become the number one poker network in the world.”

Even though iPoker has been closed for Ukranian players for years, RedStar will still be able to accept players from the country.

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