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Hot Month, Hot Offerings - The Best Rakeback Deals in August

Publish: 2021-08-11 15:28:48

Take advantage of the softening fields while maximizing your rakeback via us!

Even though the summer is still here, more and more players returned to the tables already - and our regulars have been reporting about some pretty soft fields, especially at the cash game tables recently.

It goes without saying that we still get your back and help with an easily predictable side-hustle in addition to your in-game winnings in the form of our rakeback deals across multiple poker rooms!

Poker Room offer Estimated average rakeback* Central rakeback** Estimated total rakeback
partypoker $12,000 Rake Race & Rake Chase 15% rakeback + Race prizes Up to 60% 75% and rake race prizes + Leaderboard prizes
GGPoker*** C$11,000 Race, Weekly Freerolls, Ticket giveaways n/a Up to 60% PVI 70-90% PVI
Unibet Poker €4,000 Exclusive Race 10-20% Up to 62% 30-60%
US-facing sites*** Private offer Contact us Up to 20% Up to 45%
RedStar Exclusive Chase + VIP rakeback + €12,500 Twister Races 10-40% Fixed 30% 55-75%
Natural8 C$11,000 Race, Ticket giveaways n/a Up to 60% PVI 70-90% PVI
BetKings*** C$11,000 Race n/a Up to 60% PVI 70-90% PVI
PokerKing Exclusive Chase 8-13% Up to 40% 28-52%
Betfair Poker 2 x €15,000 Races, 4 x €12,500 Twister Races 6-27% Fixed 35% 41-62%

Poker Apps

Pokio Best VIP deal Request offer Big Hand and Cooler Jackpots, €10,000+ in promotion prizes 50%
*estimated number based on the results from the previous months
**you're also entitled to all additional central promotions

***personal offer available for VIP players

Massive Giveaways at GGPoker

The most popular online operator, the GGNetwork, is also the number one choice of our players, and it's no surprise, considering our massive deal at many of their sites.

C$11,000 Rake Race

Since this March, we started offering this rake race at Natural8, GGPoker, and BetKings - no changes here. You can still count on a massive payday if you finish in the top 45!

WSOP-ticket giveaways

What's even more, this month, we also offer additional ways to benefit from your membership! If you haven't made a deposit to GGPoker, you can now receive tickets helping you out on your way to become a WSOP-champion!

  • Deposit $150 to receive $15 worth of WSOP satellite tickets
  • Deposit $300 to receive $30 worth of WSOP satellite tickets
  • Deposit $500 to receive $65 worth of WSOP satellite tickets
  • Deposit $1,000 to receive $180 worth of WSOP satellite tickets

Hybrid rake race

In addition to our C$11,000 race and the ticket giveaway for new depositors, we now offer a unique form of a race where even the small-stakes grinders can take the biggest prizes!

In this race, your points are determined on two factors: the number of hands you play and the amount of rake you generate, according to the below formula:

Point = Rake + (Hand x 0.1)

So even if you're only bankrolled for the micros, you can still manage to beat the high-stakes bosses if you're dedicated enough to put in the volume!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to qualify for a WSOP event via us. Make sure to take your chances!

$12,000 Rake Race & Rake Chase partypoker

If something works, don't change it! This is our motto at partypoker. We have been offering a rake race and a rake race there, so you can count on a massive additional prize to the weekly cashback by partypoker (up to 40%) and their daily leaderboard prizes or other bonuses!

€4,000 Exclusive Race at Unibet Poker

Unibet's treating their players really nice with the recently renewed loyalty system where they can gain up to 51% rakeback - while playing in some really soft fields! In addition to this, we also offer our exclusive rakeback promotion for You, with €4,000 in cash prizes spread amongst the top 25 players! Based on current results, the winner is looking for a 22.45% extra rakeback, but all participants can count on 13% extra on average!

Sites allowing HUDs

If you still prefer to play with some detailed stats on your opponents, we have several sites to offer!

In the iPoker Network, HUDs are still allowed, and you can gain massive overall rakeback at RedStar Poker, where our players can enjoy the latter benefits:

Similarly to the iPoker, the Winning Poker Network also welcomes players using HUDs, at PokerKing you can benefit from the below perks:

  • Exclusive Chase 8-13% extra rakeback
  • 100% Welcome Bonus up to $2,000
  • Central rakeback up to 50%

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