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Make some money for Christmas - here are our exclusive promotions for December

Publish: 2018-12-01 16:49:35

A new $20,000 race is kicking off today, and we also made some changes in our $10,000 exclusive race!

December is usually the time, when the poker players lay back and enjoy the holidays, meaning You can win our biggest prizes easier than usually!

From today, our shared Betfair Poker race is live, so all of you have a shot at the $2,500 top prize - a nice little Christmas gift under the tree!

This race is split into two $10,000 races, the first running between December 1 and 15, while the second between 16 and 31. The top 50 spots are paid, with $1,250 for the winner in both stages!

In addition to this race, you can also participate in the €10,000 race by Betfair Poker, as well as the €12,500 weekly Twister races. As this wouldn't be enough, our players are also entitled to a flat 35% VIP rakeback!

Our $10,000 exclusive race is also back, with the same payout structure, which rewards the winner with $1,400!

However, we made a little change in this promotion: from today Breakout Poker will no longer be an option for those, who want to participate in this race, but the good news is, that we replaced the site with another GGNetwork room, the more popular GGPoker.

The rest of the races remained the same, the only difference is the lower volume from many of the participants, which makes it easier than ever before to win the top prizes!

See the details below:

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