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How to win the most in August?

Publish: 2019-08-15 15:57:12

In this article, we'll walk you through the best partner sites of ours, where you can gain the highest extra rakeback.

We're at half time in August, meaning, that most of you have already chosen promotions for the month, but thanks to the nature of our promotions, most of them offer great value even for those who join during the middle of the month!

Many of our exclusive promotions are chases, meaning, that you can gain a fixed and easily predictable extra rakeback, where you don't have to worry about other player's performance.

Our best deal in August, is certainly the exclusive chase at GGPoker, which offer 25-35% extra rakeback for all of our players, and the current average raceback is stands at 28%!

This comes on top of the rakeback from GGPoker, which can be as high as 50% and also on top of the first deposit bonuses (for new players), which accounts for another 16.7%!

If we consider that GGPoker offers the best games for the cash game players, with plenty of fishes swimming in the pools, the site is probably the best place to play online at the moment!

However, it's important to note, that third-party tools (including HM2 and PT4) are not available at GGPoker - if you prefer playing with HUD, take a look at the next paragraph!

HUD players can also find a great deal, as the member of iPoker Network, Betfair Poker offers players a flat 35% rakeback and they can also participate in several races, during the month, with an €86,000 total prize pool.

There are different races for MTT-, Twister- and cash- game grinders but all of them can gain extra rakeback of at least 15% on top of the 35% VIP rakeback for a total of 50%!

Another option for HUD-wizards is the Microgaming Network, where - despite some difficulties - the poker softwares are still available. If you need help with this, feel free to reach out to us!

MPN member, Betsson Poker offers our players a flat 30% VIP rakeback and we also run an exclusive chase at the site, with an additional 15% rakeback for a total of 45%! These benefits are also available for our Nordicbet and Betsafe players!

Unibet Poker is also a good choice if you don't need HUDs, as their loyalty system can earn you a market-leading rakeback of 62%!

Our exclusive €5,000 race at the site adds another 15% on top of that, meaning a wonderful 77% rakeback with fish-heavy cash games up to NL400! New players can also receive the €200 first deposit bonus!

Of course, we can't forget partypoker! They have no reason the be ashamed of in terms of their rakebacks, as they offer weekly cash backs up to 50% and our exclusive chase will earn you another 10%!

They're running several promotions with huge EV at the moment, like the $75,000 weekly fastforward races!

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